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Canadian Centre for Health Economics launched!
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The Humble Economist by Tony Culyer
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Connecting with the CCHE
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The Canadian Centre for Health Economics strives to be a focal point for health economics research in Canada.
Le Centre canadien pour l’économie de la santé a pour mission d’être le point de référence pour la recherche axée sur l’économie de la santé au Canada.

About the Centre

The Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE) strives to be a focal point for health economics research in Canada and aims to provide solutions to health policy issues while advancing theoretical and econometric modeling techniques.

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The Working Papers

CCHE’s Working Paper Series features the unpublished research of Centre Associates and Fellows for the purpose of discussion and feedback. The series includes papers concerned with both the application and development of theoretical and econometric frameworks to a range of health related questions.

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Economists Directory

The Economist Directory is a resource for those looking for Canadian based economists with expertise in specific research areas. The directory is currently being developed. Do you want to be added to the Economists directory?

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The Humble Economist

The Humble Economist

An edited collection technical papers by Tony Culyer

The humble economist collects together the most important writings of Professor Tony Culyer, a founding father of health economics who helped set up the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. It distils a powerful set of ideas that have profoundly influenced health policy and decision making, and shows how reason and evidence can be used to improve decision making in any area of social policy. The book comprises twenty-one short essays, selected and revised by Culyer himself, together with an introduction by the editors which draws out key themes and provides an overview of Culyer’s life and work. It is available in low cost paperback and ebook formats.

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