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Become a Centre Faculty Associate

We welcome applications from Faculty at accredited post secondary institutions across Canada and internationally. This level of membership is intended for academic faculty looking to get the most out of their involvement with the CCHE. The requirements were designed with the following intent:

  1. They shouldn’t be overly burdensome to the Faculty Associate
  2. They should allow faculty from outside of Toronto and beyond Canada to be Faculty Associates in the CCHE

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Who can apply?

Faculty at accredited post-secondary institutions (both within Canada, and abroad)

Membership requirements

  • Working in health economics field or in a related field of study with a focus on health economics
  • Membership application/renewal submitted every 2 years
  • Contribution to the CCHE in one of the following areas every 2 years:
    • 1 working paper (related to health economics)* OR
    • 1 seminar presentation OR
    • Other notable contribution to the CCHE (sitting on a CCHE committee, etc.)

*This requirement can be fulfilled by students who are actively working with/being supervised by the Faculty Associate, if those students are Fellows in the CCHE and the faculty member is an author on the submitted working paper.

Membership benefits

  • Receive the CCHE newsletter (emails)
  • Opportunity to participate in events advertised in the CCHE newsletter or on the CCHE website that are available to affiliates/the general public
  • Opportunity to attend student seminar series
  • Faculty Associate profile listed on CCHE website
  • Inclusion in the CCHE expert/scientist directory
  • Opportunity to work/collaborate in a multi-centre, inter-provincial/international collaborative research group
  • Increased exposure of the Faculty Associate’s work/research program
  • Inclusion in a strong network of experts/scientists and students working in different disciplines related to health economics both locally, and around the world

Application process

Fill out application form every 2 years

Download Application PDF