Primary Care Reform Symposium

Sponsors: Funding and other resources were provided by the Canadian Centre for Health Economics at the University of Toronto and the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster University.

List of Papers and Presentations:

1. A Statistical Anatomy of Ontario Family Physicians’ Practices

Primary Author: Logan McLeod, Wilfrid Laurier University

2. Multispecialty Physician Network Primary Care Intensity & Post-discharge Care of Chronic Disease Patients

Primary Author: Thérèse Stukel, University of Toronto

3.Family Physician Remuneration Schemes and Referrals to Specialists

Primary Author: Sisira Sarma, Western University

4. The Impact of Primary Health Care Reform on Population Health: Theory and Evidence

Primary Author: Nirav Mehta, Western University

5. Primary Care Mixed Payment Models, and the Hospitalization of Diabetic Patients

Primary Author: Arthur Sweetman, McMaster University

6. Primary Care Physicians’ Referral Rates in Ontario

Primary Author: Nadine Chami, McMaster University

7. Blended Payment Models and Primary Care Physicians’ Practice Behavior

Primary Author: Xue (Helen) Zhang, McMaster University

8. Paying for Primary Care The Factors Associated with Physician Self-selection into Payment Models

Primary Author: David Rudoler, University of Toronto

9. How Doctors Respond to Fee Changes: Evidence From Two Quasi-Experiments In Ontario

Primary Author: Jasmin Kantarevic, Ontario Medical Association

10. Paying for Primary Care: Payment Reform and Primary Care Physician Behaviour in Ontario

Primary Author: David Rudoler, University of Toronto

8. In-hospital Cardiac Arrest, Post-Discharge Primary Care and Health Outcomes

Primary Author: Shaun Shaikh, McMaster University