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Stephenson Strobel

Stephenson Strobel

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Adolescent alcohol use and labour market characteristics

Adolescent well-being initiatives have focused on limiting the damaging effects of alcohol on health and development. My research focuses on another major factor in adolescent development which is their involvement in the labour market and it's interaction with alcohol use. Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, I model and empirically estimate the relationships between important labour market characteristics, such as minimum wage and hours worked, and alcohol consumption among adolescents. This provides evidence of alternative policy avenues for improving adolescent health other than through traditional health policy.

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Dr. Evelyn Forget

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B.A. - Economics (McMaster University), M.A. - Economics (Queen's University), B.Sc. Medicine (University of Manitoba) M.D. - Expected Completion 2015 (University of Manitoba)