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Rachel Fournier

Rachel Fournier

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Quantifying the value of medication adherence programs to pharmaceutical companies

Medication non-adherence is well-researched but not well understood. Estimates place non-adherence at approximately 50%, resulting in highly compromised health outcomes for patients. In addition, non-adherence costs North American health systems and pharmaceutical companies over $300 billion dollars each year. Pharmaceutical companies have recently begun implementing patient medication adherence programs to bolster waning revenues and to improve relationships with payers. While the value of pharmaceutical marketing activities to physicians and patients has been studied, no published research quantifies the impact of medication adherence programs to a pharmaceutical company’s bottom line. Rachel’s research examines digital medication adherence programs and proposes models for assessing the cost effectiveness of such tools.

Project Supervisor(s)

Dr. Doug Hyatt (Rotman), Dr. Claire Collins (Henley)

Education Profile

Rachel holds a BSc from Stanford University in the Program in Science, Technology and Society, with Honors in History and Philosophy of Science. She is currently pursuing her MSc BMR through a joint program between Henley Business School, University of Reading, and Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, leading to a Doctor of Business Administration.

Other Activities

Managing Director, Evolution Health Systems Inc.