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Pranay Das

Pranay Das

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Money And Value: Income Insecurity, Financial Decision-Making And Problem Gambling

The correlation between problem gambling and economic insecurity has been well documented. However, most of the literature focuses on how problem gambling plays a role in creating economic chaos within a household. The issue we address has received much less attention. Does recent or more distant experience of income insecurity influence the development of attitudes towards risk and money, the tradeoffs an individual makes between present and future payoffs, the idea of luck and an individual’s proclivity to undertake risky financial investments or engage in problem gambling? This question drives my thesis, consisting of two quantitative studies and a qualitative study, that explore the ways in which income insecurity helps to shape attitudes towards money, risk and luck which, in turn, influence the likelihood of engaging in problem gambling.

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Dr. Evelyn L. Forget

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BSS (Hons.), MSS (Economics), MBA (Finance), MA (economics), PhD Candidate in Health Economics, University of Manitoba.