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Matthew Townsend

Matthew Townsend

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Investigating the introduction of financial incentives designed to encourage greater health care integration

If designed appropriately, financial incentives can encourage providers to compare and standardise around ‘best practice’ care, reduce variation, and allow the patient to be supported across different care environments. Furthermore, the increasing availability of performance information has enabled public funders to become more involved in the selective purchasing of what is deemed to be high quality care. With policymakers embracing these financial incentives globally, my research seeks to expand the theoretical and empirical understanding of value-based incentives while investigating how such mechanisms impact services outside the hospital environment (i.e., care integration).

Project Supervisor(s)

Professor Alistair McGuire & Dr Irene Papanicolas

Education Profile

B.A. University of Melbourne, B.Sc. University of Toronto, M.P.P. University of Toronto, M.Sc. London School of Economics, Ph.D. (Candidate in Health Economics) London School of Economics