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Matthew Machina

Matthew Machina

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Examining new technologies in the management of intraoperative anemia, blood transfusions and fluid status, and their impact on post-op patient outcomes

My doctoral research will evaluate the usefulness and impact of two new technologies, deployed intraoperatively, on the clinical management of surgical cases, and on post-operative patient outcomes. The first is a new intraoperative medical record (EMR) that provides a rich set of intraoperative data including vital signs, medications, fluid balance, and blood loss/transfusions, captured in real time, minute-by minute, throughout the surgical case. The second is a new non-invasive physiological monitor that provides continuous measures of anemia and fluid status/responsiveness. The combination of these technologies, and datasets, may allow for new insights into surgical case management and post-op patient outcomes.

Project Supervisor(s)

Dr. Keyvan Karkouti & Dr. Andreas Laupacis

Education Profile

Hon BSc Kinesiology Co-op, University of Waterloo; MSc. Physiology, University of Toronto; PhD student, IHPME, University of Toronto (current)

Other Activities

Other than my doctoral work, I am interested in research methodologies, health economics, and modeling (specifically financial/economical models).