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Lady Bolongaita

Lady Bolongaita

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The labour supply and inter-sectoral mobility of regulated nurses in Ontario

A substantial percentage of the current nursing workforce will be retiring over the next fifteen years that could result in a huge deficit on the supply of regulated nurses. Because of the negative impact of a nursing shortage on the quality of care that patients receive, there is a need to mitigate the perceived and projected shortage. My research project aims to determine the impact of individual, organizational and sectoral factors on the labour supply (probability of working and the number of hours worked) and inter-sectoral mobility of regulated nurses in Ontario.

Project Supervisor(s)

Dr. Audrey Laporte & Dr. Raisa Deber

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Bachelors of Science in Nursing with distinction (University of Western Ontario); PhD Student, Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation, University of Toronto: Health Services Research - Health Economics Stream