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Kristen Blythe Pitzul

Kristen Blythe Pitzul

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The optimization of post-acute care pathways in hip fracture patients

The purpose of this study is to determine the optimal post-acute care pathways for hip fracture (HF) patients in Ontario. I consider optimal to be synonymous with most cost-effective. My specific objectives are to: 1A) Characterize the current post-acute care pathways for HF patients within each LHIN in Ontario; 1B) Determine the capacity (e.g., resource availability) of all post-acute care destinations within each LHIN in Ontario; 2) Determine which of these pathways are the most cost-effective, and determine the predictors of these pathways; 3) Determine how changes in resource allocation impacts effectiveness of these pathways using system dynamics modeling.

Project Supervisor(s)

Dr. Susan Jaglal

Education Profile

Honors Specialization in Biology (BSc(H)) and Masters of Science in Physiology (MSc) from the University of Western Ontario, and currently 2nd year PhD student in Health Services Research -Outcomes and Evaluation Stream

Other Activities

Other projects: Systematic review of quality of care indicators for hip fracture patients / Cost-effectiveness analysis using propensity score matching of a nurse practitioner-led care transition intervention (with NE Lane) / Realist evaluation of a hospital to home care transition intervention for older complex adults (with NE Lane) / Rapid review of quality of care indicators for multi-morbid patients / Development of a progress metrics system for Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute; Select Activities: / President, Student Chapter of AcademyHealth, University of Toronto / Fellow, Health System Performance Research Network, University of Toronto