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Katherine Zagrodney

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Determining Factors for Canadian Personal Support Workers Labour Supply Behaviours using a Panel Survey

In recent years, multiple shifts in Canadian care delivery have led to greater use of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) over time and projections show that the trend of expansion in the use of PSWs in Canada is anticipated to persist. Given the growing reliance on the PSW workforce to health care delivery in Canada, it is important to further our understanding of PSW supply. My research aims to address some of the gaps in the current PSW literature by taking advantage of a large, longitudinal, and nationwide dataset to provide a comprehensive account of the impact of individual socio-demographic, geographic, and job characteristics on labour supply behaviours and outcomes such as participation in the PSW labour market, hours worked, wages, and choice of sector. Knowledge derived from this dissertation will be used to further our understanding of this labour force in Canada as well as to inform and improve initiatives aimed at increasing the recruitment and retention of PSWs across care sectors.

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Bachelors of Arts, Psychology (Honours), Wilfrid Laurier University; PhD Candidate, Health Services Research and Health Economics, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto