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Gunita Mitera

Gunita Mitera

Project Details

Access to radiation therapy services: A 15-year analysis of how health policy in Ontario, Canada has influenced access to radiation therapy treatment

The purpose of this project is to assess the relative impact of Ontario health policy on access to radiation treatment services over a 15 year period. A combination of a scoping literature review, a modified Delphi consensus process, and administrative data analysis using a hierarchy regression and ARIMA modelling will be used to address this health care issue. The dataset includes Ontario Cancer Registry data linked with Cancer Care Ontario radiation treatment data for all patients receiving radiation treatment in Ontario.

Project Supervisor(s)

Dr. Mark Dobrow, Dr. Craig Earle, Dr. Jeffery Hoch

Education Profile

BSc., MRT(T), MBA (Quality Improvement), PhD(C)

Other Activities

Other research interests include quality improvement, radiation oncology, and palliative care. Specific examples of ongoing research include developing and validating an EORTC sponsored international metastatic spinal cord compression quality of life module, and developing a pan-Canadian interpretive pathology quality assurance recommendations framework.