Hello Data? Meet Results. Making Effective Use of Remote Patient Monitoring.

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Speaker: Kathryn Brohman

Date: Friday, February 24th from 1 PM – 2 PM

Location: Toronto General Hospital, 10th Floor, rm 240 (200 Elizabeth St.)

This is a joint session with the THETA Collaborative.


In today’s world of big data, mobile devices, and ubiquitous connectivity, effective use of data to improve the health care system is of paramount importance. Our research is a multi-method study that explores the characteristics of patients and providers that use technology to drive system benefits. Specifically, our study examines the influence of effective technology use – capturing quality information (i.e., accurate daily readings) and effectively using that information to enable system improvements. Data were collected from 79 patients involved in the Community Paramedicine Remote Patient Monitoring (CPRPM) program and interviews with 18 paramedics, chiefs and program sponsors. Results show that taking accurate daily readings have a significant impact on system improvements but the effect size is small. Improved system benefits are more influenced by the use of the readings by both the patients and the paramedics to change behavior. We draw implications for similar programs related to the following: 1) influence of effective technology use on patient self-management, 2) Need for providers (i.e., paramedics) to establish appropriate routines to respond to alerts, and 3) Need for services (i.e., paramedic services) to manage the competing demands of new programs and initiatives and existing responsibilities.



Associate professor at Smith School of Business, Dr. Brohman has led the development of the project leadership and strategy execution curricula since she arrived at Queen’s University in 2003. She is the co-author of Project Leadership: Creating Value with an Adaptive Project Organization and forthcoming book entitled Sustainable Execution: A New Mindset for Transforming Strategy into Results.

Dr. Brohman’s leading edge work combines practice with theory to explore ways organizations can leverage technology to enable change with a specific focus in healthcare. She is currently working on the Ontario Health Links initiative and is the lead evaluator for the Community Paramedicine Remote Patient Monitoring (CPRPM) program. Her research has been published in premier journals and she is recognized as the thought leader in digital connectedness. Kathryn collaborates with a number of organizations including the Canada Health Infoway, Local Health Integration Networks, Molson Coors, Bell Canada, 3M, UPS, Delta Airlines, and Kathryn is an active board member of the Belleville Quinte West Community Healthcare Centre overseeing their regional strategy for integrated and coordinated care.