CCHE Seminar Series: Value Assessment Frameworks – Review and Analysis

Mayvis Rebeira
University of Toronto

Friday November 22, 2019, 10am-12pm, HSB 108 (155 College Street)

Abstract: Value Assessment frameworks are taking on an increasingly prominent role in the US as decision-making tools for both payers and clinicians. Awareness of high and rising healthcare costs and specifically the cost of drugs have led to the development and emergence of several value frameworks to assess drugs. These are in various stages of development and usage. They are intended for use as shared decision-making tool by physicians and patients, coverage and reimbursement decisions by payers and for determining value-based pricing. This review focuses on three key value assessment frameworks for oncology and cardiovascular and three frameworks used across all therapeutic areas. Areas of analysis include definition of value, target audience, conceptual approach, assessment of clinical benefit, cost-effectiveness and threshold, costs, data uncertainty, incorporation of qualitative aspects (e.g. patient perspectives), panel composition, type of recommendation and influence factor. These frameworks are contrasted with those used in Canada and Germany. Recommendations are made on how Canada can potentially improve its current HTA for drugs based on these developments.

Mayvis Rebeira holds an M.A in Economics from the University of Toronto and a PhD in Health Economics from the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. She has extensive experience in health economics and outcome research in industry and undertaking analysis in government and consulting. Her current research interests include economic methodologies for evaluating value-for-money and investigating factors that result in varying life-expectancy and inequalities. Email: