CCHE Seminar Series: The Economics of Health System Shocks and Resilience

The Economics of Health System Shocks and Resilience

Steve Thomas
Trinity College Dublin

Friday February 18, 2022, 10am-12pm, Zoom

Abstract: The concept of health system resilience has never been more important, as a means to navigate our way through the current and future shocks (Thomas, Sagan et al. 2020). Catastrophic events occurring over the last decade or so have highlighted the need to understand how to govern health systems in the face of shocks from the financial crisis, to ebola and now to the COVID 19 pandemic. In this presentation Steve examines evolving thinking and evidence around health system resilience and shocks and the economic ideas implicit in how to best navigate shocks to the health system.

Steve is the Edward Kennedy Chair of Health Policy and Management and the Director of Health Policy and Engagement for the School of Medicine. He is also a Health Research Board Research Leader with his RESTORE programme, focussed on health system resilience and reform. He has a wealth of international experience in policy-oriented research and post-graduate teaching and education in government and academia over the last 27 years. His track record in policy influence is outstanding. He led the Trinity team in support of the Oireachtas Committee for the Future of Healthcare and its production of Slaintecare which is now the chief health reform programme of the Irish government.