CCHE Seminar Series: The economics and politics of national pharmacare

Steve Morgan

University of British Columbia

Friday March 12th, 2020, *12pm-1Pm*, Zoom (*Please note the special time*)

Abstract: Universal pharmacare has been recommended by government commissions dating back to the 1940s, and has shown up in recent election campaigns, speeches from the thrown, and mandate letters for ministers of finance and health. Yet, the program remains elusive. In this talk, Dr. Morgan will review the economic case for national pharmacare and discuss the political challenges to making it happen.

Steve Morgan is a professor of health policy at the University of British Columbia. An economist by training, Dr. Morgan’s research focusses on policies to provide universal access to appropriately prescribed, affordably priced, and equitably financed prescription drugs. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed research papers, received more than $4 million in peer-reviewed research grants, and provided policy advice to governments across Canada and around the world. Dr. Morgan has won many awards for his work and is an Emmett Hall Laureate (2019) for career-long contributions to health system equity, fairness, justice and efficiency.