CCHE Seminar Series: Envisioning the Potential of Fuzzy Logic Within Health Economics and Beyond

Envisioning the Potential of Fuzzy Logic Within Health Economics and Beyond

Kevin D. Willison
Lakehead University

Friday February 17, 2022, 10am-12pm, HS Room 108 and Zoom

Abstract: According to such scholars as Enric Trillas (2015)1 “fuzzy logic has made two important contributions to economic analysis: a theory of fuzzy preferences, and the development of empirical techniques based on fuzzy sets. However, modern areas of economic research are not sufficiently influenced by these ideas. Behavioral and institutional economics, among other fields in modern economics, would benefit from insights from fuzzy logic.” This one-hour seminar, based on a scoping of the relevant literature, will introduce what fuzzy logic is and its potential. In general, the use of fuzzy sets and logic have become a valuable tool, either to model and handle imprecise data or to establish flexible techniques to deal with precise data. By no means is “fuzzy logic” new, however, its relation or application to that of economics as well as other disciplines demands further elaboration and investigation. To this end this seminar is presented.

1 – Trillas, E. (2015). Fuzzy Logic. European Centre for Soft Computing. Spain.

Dr. Willison is a 2009 PhD alumni of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences (Social and Behavioral Sciences), University of Toronto. His published works are found within such sources as PsycINFO and PubMed, plus Kevin has been affiliated with Lakehead University (Orillia campus) since 2007 where he is currently an External Adjunct Professor of Sociology. He also serves (since 2020) as an alternate research ethics board member with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  Moreover, Dr. Willison currently serves as a faculty member with Aplus Institute (since 2005), an accredited dental hygiene school based in Toronto. His interest in economics stems largely from his inter-disciplinary orientation to help address such complex social justice issues as poverty and social determinants of health. He has presented at over seventy conferences / seminars across Canada since 2003 and, is currently affiliated with varied organizations including being a member of the Directory of Ontario Researchers and Innovators in Aging.