An Introduction To Recurrent Event Models For Examining Repeated Outcomes Among Patients With Cancer In Ontario

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Speaker: Rinku Sutradhar

Date/Time: November 6th, 10 AM – 12 PM

Location: Health Sciences Building (155 College Street, Toronto ON), Room HS 100


Time-to-event models are often used to examine the risk of experiencing a single event over time. Recurrent event models are a natural extension of time-to-event models that allow individuals to experience repeated occurrences of a single type of event over time. Interests when studying repeated events often lie in estimating the non-homogenous rate of event occurrences, as well as the association between individual-level characteristics and the event rate. During this seminar we will discuss i) various recurrent event models for examining repeated outcomes data, ii)  how to structure data for conducting a recurrent event analysis, and iii) several examples on the implementation of recurrent event models for examining repeated outcomes among patients with cancer.


Dr. Rinku Sutradhar is a Biostatistician-Scientist at ICES and an assistant professor at IHPME.
Her research interests focus on the development of statistical methodology for the analysis of multistate and recurrent event data arising from various types of incomplete observational schemes. Over the past few years, she has been implementing these methods to examine longitudinal health services data among patients diagnosed with cancer.